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Interdental Brushes       

Interdental Brushes  or Interproximal Brushes are home oral care dental tools for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces between teeth and for use around dental appliances.

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Interproximal Brushes are designed to remove plaque and food particles in hard-to-reach spots around dental appliances and  between teeth. It is also very helpful for germs and plaque removal at the tooth-gum margin.

Indications and Key Benefits

When sufficient space is available for the insertion without force, Interproximal
Brushes are ESSENTIAL for:
  • Cleaning debris from the interdental (between-the-teeth) area and for removal of germs and bacterial plaque
It is also USEFUL for:
  • For removal of bacterial plaque and debris around concave proximal surfaces, exposed Class IV furcations, periodontal splints, space maintainers, and other areas that are hard to reach with a regular toothbrush

Products Description and Features

Conformed to individual REQUIREMENTS IN SIZE, SHAPE, and TEXTURE


  • Design holds refills securely and reloads quickly and easily -  Available in both single-ended and double-ended to allow for use of different size refills - Light weight plastic, consistent with strength - Extra long for better angle adaptation
  • Ergonomic handle offers comfortable grip and good cleaning control
  • The small tapered or cylindric brush heads are of varying sizes approximately 12 to 15 mm (1/2 inch) in length, with diameter of 0.4 to 5 mm (1/16 to 1/4 inch) - Soft nylon filaments are twisted into a plastic coated fine stainless steel wire to make sure the stem does not scratch tooth surfaces or implant posts
  • Colour-coded sizes make identification easy
  • BUTLER G-U-M: Proxabrush Snap-On Handle; Proxabrush Snap-On Tapered Interdental Brush Refills; Soft-Picks with Soft & Comfortable Bristles
  • ORAL-B:  Inter-dental Brush Handle; Inter-dental Brush Refills, Cylindrical; Inter-dental Refills, Tapered
  • TePe: Interspace Brushes and Tips
  • DENTEK: Easy Brush
  • Dr. COLLINS: Inter-dental Cleaners
  • FlossTech: Disposable, very thin .7 mm interdental stick brushes
  • SQUIRT BRUSH: Combines oral irrigation and interdental brushing into one
  • StaiNo: Interdental Whitening Brushes Minis
  • DENTOOL 4 IN 1 DENTAL INSTRUMENT: Explorer Pik, Scaling Device, Dental Polishing Cup, Interproximal Brush
  • Major drug stores and online retailers

Tips and Advice on your Interdental Brushes

Select brush of appropriate diameter.

Moisten the brush and insert at an angle in keeping with gingival form.

Apply light pressure and brush in and out. Repeat from tooth to tooth.

Clean brush during use to remove debris and plaque by holding under actively running water.

Clean thoroughly after use and dry in open air.

Should be changed:
  • when filaments become loose or deformed
  • every three to four months
  • sick people - at the beginning of an illness and after they feel better
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