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Fluoride Floss       

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Description: Fluoride Floss or Fluoride Waxed FLOSS - Johnson&Johnson Reach® is  mint-flavored nylon dental floss.

Indications: Fluoride Formula Dental Floss cleans between teeth and along the gum line, where cavities and gum disease can start. Flossing has been clinically proven to remove plaque between teeth to help prevent gum disease.

Directions: Flossing is easy with the proper technique:

A. Wind an 18-inch piece of floss around your middle finger, leaving about 4-inches of floss between them.

B. Grasp floss firmly between thumb and index finder of each hand. Gently slide floss between teeth, using a slow sawing motion to slip between tight teeth.

C. Move floss up and down against tooth to clean both above and below the gum-line, curving around the tooth for best results.

D. Repeat cleaning procedure for each tooth. Every few teeth, move to a clean piece of floss by unwinding floss from one finger and rewinding it onto the other finger.       

How supplied: 55 Yd (50.3 m). Mint waxed.

Key Benefits

  • Benefit 1 -- Waxed nylon filaments have been widely used in circular (floss) form for bacterial plaque removal from proximal tooth surfaces
  • Benefit 2 -- Smooth surface provided by the wax covering helps to prevent trauma to the gum
  • Benefit 3 -- Slides through contact area with ease
  • Benefit 4 -- Waxed nylon gives strength and durability during application; extra shred resistant

Manufactured: Johnson&Johnson Company. Made in the USA.

Price: US $4.00 



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