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From the Pennsylvania, USA dental office of:

Dr. Aleksandr Melekhin DDS, Ph.D, MSD

Author, "Sports Drink and American Smile" - How to Protect Yourself from "Teeth Dissolving" Sports Drink - Dentist Recommended

Dr. Melekhin's Resume excerpt: "30+ years of General Dentist experience along with MSD and Ph.D degrees in Dentistry"

Dear Friend,  
Dentistry always supports great oral health and creating a beautiful smile.

Over the years scientists started looking for the impact of beverages on the teeth. In  2004, two independent dental research teams completed study of sports drink's risk factors and submitted the results for publication.

One team resided in Baltimore, Maryland USA. A second team operated thousands of miles away in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

In the winter of 2005, two prestigious dental and medical science journals published the articles and dropped a bombshell. Even Dental professionals may be surprised to learn that:

Sports Drink is the Most Aggressive Beverage Attacking the Teeth Directly and Brutally


The mainstream media got the story right away. BBC News responded  with an immediate headline,

"Sports Drinks "Dissolving TeetH"

CBS News proceeded more cautiously,

"Sports Drinks... Appear to have a More corrosive effect on Tooth Enamel"

Buy e-Book "Sports Drink and American Smile" and learn even more on damaging aspects of sports drink

They Don't Want you to Know About It


Chapter 3. Major Disadvantage of Sports Drink

Table of Contents

  • Sports Drink is "Dissolving Teeth"
  • Link between Sports Drink and Erosion

  • Discovery in the First Place
  • They Found a Striking Difference between KMX Energy Drink and Coke

  • A Qualified Overseas Endorsement
  • They Found a 30 Times more "Dissolving Teeth" Effect of Sports Drink than Water

  • Athletes are more at Risk of Tooth Erosion
  • As Sport People Exercise their Saliva Production is Reduced

  • #1 Oral Health Risk Sport
  • Soccer Players have Higher Risk to Develop Dental Diseases: Caries, Teeth Erosion and Greater Potential for Oral and Dental Trauma

  • Description of Dental Erosion

  • Concluding Remarks


"I've been Watching You"

Keen-eyed marketers in the sports drink industry are targeting every moment from New York to Los Angeles when you are:


sitting at the sports bar

watching the game on TV

Attending sporting events

just taking a walk around the supermarket


Buying at school vending machines, etc.

Learn how the sports drink industry set off from the Laboratory to Best Seller and will stay with you forever. Realize who (not just in the United States) are


the highest consumers of Sports Drink

Buy e-Book "Sports Drink and American Smile" and find out even more on who created the first sports drink and why he exclaimed:

“But, We didn’t even think About Marketing it to the General Public"



Chapter 1. Who, Where, When

Table of Contents

  • Who, Where Invented Sports Drink
  • When sports drink was formulated

  • United States Patent Battle
  • From the Laboratory to Best Seller
  • Marketing with dramatically perspiring imagery and American smile…

  • To come into one’s own

  • The Sports Drink Industry is Growing, Growing…
  • Name Recognition
  • Earnings Rise as Overseas Sales Surge in 2005

  • Concluding Remarks


Hidden Secrets of Sports Drink's Efficiency


       Hidden Secret # 1:

Sports Drink is an invention. An INVENTION is something new, useful and not obvious. Sports Drink is not a simple mix of ingredients, like soft drinks or juices.

The Top Secret of sports drink's efficiency rests in unique content of sugar, salts and water. Diluted sports drink or sports drink with different content is losing power.

Components of two different sports drinks comparison chart, you will find in Chapter 2


       Hidden Secret # 2:

In which aspect is sports drink more vital?

Keeping away fatigue longer?

Hydrates best?

See answers and more details in Chapter 2


       Hidden Secret # 3:

If you are exercising for less than 15-20 minutes, plain water is fine.

But for which prolonged sweat-exercise efforts  will you require the sports drink?

See answers and more details in Chapter 2


       Hidden Secret # 4:

But how can you get the most out of your exercise? Chapter 2 reveals the secret of the Smart Technique of Hydration that helps you feel better

Chapter 2. Key Benefits of Sports Drink

Table of Contents

  • The Fuel of Athletes
  • Dehydration (Shortfall of Body Fluid)

  • Loss of Body Electrolytes

  • Depletion of Carbohydrates

  • Refueling without Sports Drink
  • Juice or Soft Drinks would not Function Well During Exercise

  • Refueling with Sports Drink
  • Largest Market in Non-Athlete

  • Sharp Technique of Hydration
  • Avoid Unwise Sports Drink Intake
  • Concluding Remarks



This e-Book has been written with only this thought in mind:

How to Protect Your Healthy Smile

And the answer is right here, in the e-Book version of this  compact manual, Chapter 4:


Chapter 4. Dental Health

Table of Contents

  • Protect Your Teeth from Dental Erosion
  • The Innovative Program Against "Teeth Dissolving" Effect of Sports Drink

  • Step 1: Protection During Sports Drink Intake
  • Follow the Simple 10 Suggestions

  • Step 2: Protection After Sports Drink Intake
  • Follow easy 10 Oral Care and Dental Instructions

  • Step 3: Protection by Application of OTC Products
  • This line consists of follow Essential 5 Groups of OTC Dental Products

  • 5 Trouble-free Action How to Choose/Avoid Dental Products

  • 1. How to Choose the Right Toothbrush

  • 2. How to Choose the Right Toothpaste

  • 3. How to Choose the Right Mouthrinse

  • 4. How to Choose the Right Dental Floss

  • 5. How to Choose the Right Chewing Gum

  • Concluding Remarks

This Innovative Program is very simple and easy,

 "Easy like Sunday Morning"

It includes 3 trouble-free steps for prevention of tooth erosion from sports drink. You do not even need to spend more time on your everyday oral care routine.

But you cannot find it anywhere. IT IS HERE ONLY,  in Chapter 4

Owning "Sports Drink and American Smile" is like having  everything you need to


Keep Your Youthful Smile Healthier and Last Longer


So, how much does this incredible information cost?

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Dr. Aleksandr Melekhin DDS, Ph.D, MSD


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